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All that Rain has delayed outdoor work, home repairs and landscaping
We've seen many more wet than dry days since April 1. So where new homes are going up around Kansas City, some interiors are nearly finished while exteriors are overdue for paint, driveways and landscaping. Learn more about how the rain has effected landscaping.

Outdoor Living Spaces creates a vacation spot at home
In today’s real estate market, homebuyers have become more focused on outdoor living spaces that go beyond a mere covered deck or enclosed sunroom. What they really desire is to feel as though they are on vacation. Learn more about outdoor living spaces.

Edible Landscaping Appeals to Homeowners
After municipal development disrupted the original landscape at the main office of Hermes, the company created a prototype fully-edible landscape. The result was the Pomona Garden (named after a Roman goddess of agriculture), with more than 50 edible perennial and hearty shrubs and plants. . Learn more about edible landscapes and the Pomona Garden.

Hermes Spotlighted in The Kansas City Star featuring our Pomona Garden
The edible garden at the Hermes main office is not only a way to revive a single landscape, but it literally feeds into a larger trend of edible gardening, and the whole movement toward sustainability. See before and after photos here.

Hermes Incorporates Edible Elements into Residential and Commercial Landscapes
While interest in backyard food gardens has definitely grown, incorporating edibles into front gardens is less common. Hermes Landscaping recently installed an edible landscape in front of it's Lenexa headquarters, after the city disrupted existing landscape when burying an open creek bed. Read the whole article here from "Edible Kansas City".

Hermes Leads the Way with Edible Landscapes
This past spring, Sarah Hermes was asked by her father to update the landscape at the office of their family-owned business so she decided to create a “completely edible landscape,” that now serves as a testing ground for potential projects. Read more here.


With just a few clippings from your evergreen plants, and a few accent pieces, you can create a beautiful holiday planter that will last through the season.
This week I have had the privilege of working with one of your superintendnts, Jim Finnegan. He was positive, helpful and a delight to work with.
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